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What Happens Next?

Here’s everything you need to know about what to expect during the onboarding of your website.

  • Within a few minutes of signing up, we’ll automatically send an email to your address with information on supplying login credentials, submitting support requests, and updating your subscription.
  • Within a few hours of signing up, our team will do a full backup of your core files and database.
  • Our client success and engineering teams will automatically queue your website for onboarding.
  • For Call and Premium Plan members, after our team has completed its initial backups successfully, we can start making changes to your website!
  • We’ll connect your website to our uptime monitoring system. This pings your website every 60 seconds to make sure it’s up and running.
  • We’ll perform safe updates of all your plugins, themes, and core files.
  • For Call and Premium Plan members, during your onboarding window, you’ll start to see premium plugins like WP Smush Pro, WP Rocket and iThemes Security Pro installed on your website.
  • For Call and Premium Plan members, we’ll put your website through the Google Mobile Checker to make sure it passes the test.
  • For Call and Premium Plan members, our team will be working hard, especially over the first 1-2 weeks of your care plan, to improve the loading time for your website!
  • You’ll receive your first website report the first Monday after you sign up.
  • Month after month, our team will be available for all the WordPress help you need.